Nkatha Gitobu


Nkatha Gitobu, MBE, is a Harvard Dana Neuroscience and Society Fellow. Nkatha completed a B.S. in Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics at UCLA in 2020. During their undergraduate training, Nkatha studied emerging biotechnologies that explored the therapeutic potential of bacteriophages as a treatment for bacterial infections. Shortly after completing this degree, Nkatha earned a Master of Bioethics degree from Harvard Medical School in 2022. Their research broadly focused on the intersection of global health and equity; through the exploration of maternal and infant mortality in Kenya, Nkatha proposed questions that challenged how aid should be approached in the global south. Currently, Nkatha is a research associate in molecular biology at CATALOG, a start-up working to build a scalable DNA Data Storage and Computing Platform. Their interest in neuroethics concerns the definition of neurojustice and how this could inform the future of emerging neurotechnologies and their implications for underserved populations.