Christiana Oshotse


Christiana Oshotse is currently a first-year medical student at Harvard Medical School, and she received her Bachelor of Arts in Public Policy Studies from Duke University in 2019. Prior to joining the team, Christiana worked on Phase II and Phase III clinical trials for drugs to treat Sickle Cell Disease vaso-occlusive crises as a project manager and clinical research coordinator at Emory School of Medicine. She also served as a Georgia Women’s Policy Institute Fellow in Atlanta, collaborating with other fellows to advocate for equitable economic policies at the state level. Her past research experiences include health services research projects in rural North Carolina and global health work in Nigeria. Christiana is drawn to working at the intersections of medicine, ethics, and policy. She is broadly interested in how to translate sound research into policies that improve equitable access to care and in ethical and equitable approaches to implementing health care innovations.